MP3 Music Downloader

Helps you find and download music for free


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  • Category Video and Audio Downloaders
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.4
  • Size 1 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.mp3.music7
  • Program by Best MP3 Music Download Team

MP3 Music Downloader is an Android app that lets you download MP3 files to your device from a music massive catalogue at no charge.

MP3 Music Downloader is one of those apps that resides in a gray area. It isn’t illegal to develop or use this app, but the service isn’t quite on the up and up. No one has to pay for any of the music files that are available via the service, so there’s obviously a problem here somewhere. That issue aside, the app gives you access to a huge library of MP3s that you can download and have access to offline.

The search mechanism isn’t quite as robust as on some MP3 apps, but it gets the job done, is easy to use and provides results fast. Once you’ve selected a song, the app will add it to your collection, and with the speed of even the slowest connections these days, you probably won’t even notice. As mentioned, it costs nothing to download a song. Once downloaded, you’ll have access to lyrics, which you can read while the song plays, as well as other information, such as artist, song title, album title and so forth.

MP3 Music Downloader doesn’t support streaming of music. Every song you want to listen to is downloaded to your device’s internal storage or an SD card. Considering the storage capacities of modern mobiles, this isn’t a big issue. However, as your MP3 library grows, this app provides little in the way of organization, which means you’ll need another app to handle that.


  • Download MP3s at no cost
  • An extensive catalog
  • Access lyrics and meta information


  • MP3 management lacking